Dunamenti Kenguruk/Danubian kangaroos hungarian Cricket club

The Danubian Kangaroos/Dunamenti Kenguruk is an Australian-Hungarian cricket club founded in 2007.  Our goal is to promote cricket in Hungary.  Currently, it is the only cricket team among the 13 teams in Hungary where mostly Hungarian players are in the squad. In 2024 we are playing in the Hungarian Cricket League, what is the second division in Hungary and we participate in the European Cricket Series Hungary 2024 tournament.



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2024 season

The Hungarian Cricket season has two division in 2024, Hungarian Premier League (Division I - 10 teams, 9 rounds, with play off best of 4 team) and Hungarian Cricket League (Division II).  Our team is in the Hungarian Cricket League, which can be considered the second division of Hungary.  In the three-team league (Dunamenti Kanguruk, Albatross XI, Budapest Lion Kings), each club plays each other four times.  The 8th round non-playoff T20 format (120 ball) championship will run from May to September.  All matches will be played on Hungary's only cricket ground, the GB Oval in Sződliget.  

Matches (Hungarian Cricket League):
1. 2024.05.11, Kenguruk-Albatross: Abandoned
2. 2024.05.25, Kenguruk-Lion Kings: 110/9-108/9-W
3. 2024.06.09, Kenguruk-Albatross: 180/3-110/10-W
4. 2024.06.22, Kenguruk-Lion Kings : 142/7-143/4-L
5. 2024.07.06, Kenguruk-Albatross- 13:45
6. 2024.08.03, Kenguruk-Lion Kings - 13:45
7. 2024.08.25, Kenguruk-Albatross - 13:45
8. 2024.09.08, Kenguruk-Lion Kings - 10:15

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ECS 2024

For the first time in the history of the Kangaroos, we will participate in the European Cricket Series 2024 (ECS) tournament, which is a 10-team two-week tournament (15.07.2024-26.07.2024) at the GB Oval with the participation of Hungarian teams organized by ECN. Since 2020, ECN has been organizing this T10 (60 throws) format tournament in Hungary every year. The short dynamic game genre, professionally broadcast live on the Internet with a commentator, will also be available on the ECN site and on YouTube. The tournament is completely independent from the Hungarian Premier League and the Hungarian Cricket League. Group "A": Danube Kangaroos, Budapest Zalmi, Budapest Super Kings, Royal Tigers, Dunabogdány CC. Group "B": Royal Eagles, Kashmir Budapest, Cobras CC, United Family Budapest, Budapest Blinders. .Picture made ecn.cricket

1. 2024.07.15, Kenguruk-Zalmi - 13:15
2. 2024.07.15, Kenguruk-Super Kings - 15:30
3. 2024.07.17, Kenguruk-Royal Tigers - 09:00
4. 2024.07.17, Kenguruk-Super Kings - 13:15
5. 2024.07.17, Kenguruk-Zalmi - 15:30
6. 2024.07.19, Kenguruk-Royal Tigers - 09:00
7. 2024.07.19, Kenguruk-Dunabogdány CC - 11:00
8. 2024.07.20, Kenguruk-Dunabogdány - 09:00

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2023 season

The Hungarian Cricket season has two division in 2023, Hungarian Cricket League  (Division I - 9 teams, 8 rounds with play off best of 4 team) and Hungarian Development League (Division II).
 In 2023 was also a two-week tournament by ECN, which is completely independent of the Hungarian divisions. Our team took part in the Hungarian Development  League T20 (120 balls), considered the Hungarian second division.  In the 4-team championship, every team plays against each other in 3 times on GB oval.   In the 9th round championship without a playoff, a win is worth 2 points, in case of a canceled match, both teams get 1-1 point, and a defeat is worth 0 points.  The 1st round was canceled due to bad weather, after the Kangaroos ended their remaining 8 matches with 4 wins and 4 loose.  Which was enough for 3rd place due to the worse NRR indicator.  

1. 2023.05.23, Kenguruk-Vikings: Abandoned
2. 2023.06.04, Kenguruk-Albatross: 109/5-107/5-W
3. 2023.06.18, Kenguruk-Falcons: 133/7-145/6-L
4. 2023.07.23, Kenguruk-Vikings: 161/4-162/5-L
5. 2023.08.20, Kenguruk-Albatross: 122/4-121/5-W
6. 2023.08.26, Kenguruk-Falcons: 122/10-151/8-L
7. 2023.09.03, Kenguruk-Falcons: 169/3-172/6-L
8. 2023.09.09, Kenguruk-Albatross: 69/5-68/6-W
9. 2023.09.16, Kenguruk-Vikings: 149/4-148/4-W

Players on this season
Török Gábor (C) 1981 Hungarian
Paul Ainsworth 1967 English
Robert Ainsworth 2006 Hungarian-English
Matthew Ainsworth 2008 
Leo Bloomfield 2004 
Mark Des Fontaine 2005 Hungarian-South African
Gall Ádám 2006 Hungarian-Australian
Anthony Gall  
Hajdú Krisztián 1997 Hungarian
Charlie Inglis 2008 
Andrew Leckonby 1979 Australian
Marczell Ádám Hungarian
Marosy Zoltán 2005 
Nagy Gábor 1991 Hungarian
Nemesrévi Csanád 2006 
Petrányi Gergő 2000 
Jeremy Polarouthu 2004 Indian
Szabó István 1988 
Szalóky Sebestyén 2006 
Török Tamás 1983 
Sai Venkatagirish  Indian
Rick Yang 2010 Hungarian-Chinese

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about us

Danubian Kangaroos is a Hungarian cricket club founded in 2007. Which has set itself the task of taking care of domestic talents. In addition, our goal is to show Hungary how fun cricket is. Sport was completely unknown in our country until the 1989. The first cricket activities in Hungary were experienced i the 1990s, when foreign college who worked here introduced the sport to their students. Despite this, it was only in 2003 in Miskolc and in 2006 in Székesfehérvár that foreigners living here founded cricket teams for the first time. In 2007, the first Hungarian championship began with the formation of a few more teams. In the same year, the Hungarian national team also made its debut against Slovenia. Before that, there was no organized format cricket match, championship or national team in Hungary. The Kangaroos, led by our captain Gábor Török, who later became the president of the association, they joined the league a year later, in the 2008 season. The composition of the Kangaroos was largely composed of Hungarian players who showed an interest in the sport. A few players with cricket and baseball experience formed the backbone of the team, supplemented by a few foreigners. The other few teams were made up of foreigners living in Hungary (India, Pakistan, England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Afghanistan etc.). Since then, the Hungarian championship has been organized every year, later due to the increase in the number of teams, this was confirmed with the second and third divisions. In the championships, the game formats were variable (T20, T25/25, T30/30, 40 overs). The Hungarian Cup was held every year from 2010-2018, where the Kenguruk's' best result was a silver medal. Thanks to the recruitment at colleges and universities, in 2009 the Danubian Kangaroos formed their second team of only Hungarian players called Tasmán Ördögök/Tasmanian Devils, which existed for one year and played in the second division. Initially the matches were held on the unofficial cricket ground in the XVI. district RAFC pitch and in the XIX. district pitch until the GB Oval was established in 2011. Since then, the only cricket field in Hungary is the GB oval in Sződliget. A few years ago, the Kangaroos got stronger with young people from the Bat and Ball academy led by Duncan Showbridge, who started to represent more and more serious quality with the team. As a result, the Kangaroos won the third division championship in 2022 and achieved surprising results in the second division in 2023. As a result of the successes, more and more Kangaroos received invitations for the natiaon team. Currently, the Danube Kangaroos is the only cricket team among the 13 clubs in Hungary where mostly native Hungarian players or people of Hungarian origin play with a few foreigners, the other teams are made up of foreign players living here. In this way, the Kangaroos represent the future of Hungarian cricket in our country, where our development is unstoppable, our team unity is unbreakable, and our motivation is boundless!


This year, the Dunamenti Kenguruk are also welcome for applications from those who want to try the world's second most popular sport.  You can join us regardless of age group, body type, or sports background.  We provide the equipment, you only need to bring standard sports clothes (T-shirt, trainers, sports shoes, etc.).  Time of training: Every Friday from 5 p.m. on Hungary's only cricket field in Sződliget (2133, Sződliget, Új utca 15. GB Oval).  We also hold random training sessions on Margit Island at pre-arranged times.
Additional training is available at Duncan Showbridge Bat and Ball Cricket Academy  in District II.  Duncan has been involved in the development of young people for many years, and as a result, he created Hungary's only cricket academy, Bat And Ball.  The Academy and the Danube Kangaroos have been cooperating for many years, as a result of which young people who train at the Bat and Ball Academy are integrated into the Danube Kangaroos team after a certain age.

support the kangarros!

The Dunamenti Kenguruk is a completely amateur, self-financed club. Like most developing sports in Hungary, our team also needs external resources for operation, maintenance, development, promotion, and distribution. If you feel an opportunity to support our team representing the second most popular sport in the world, contact us. We can use any financing to make kangaroo jerseys, expand cricket equipment, sports accessories, and pitch rental. Thank You!

HUngarian national team

The Hungarian national cricket team consists primarily of foreigners who have been living here for many years, and of Hungarian origin and some native Hungarian players.  Four years after the birth of Hungarian cricket in 2003, the Hungarian national team made its debut against Slovenia in 2007.  A year later, the first official match took place against Bulgaria.  After that, the national team began to participate in many tournaments and qualifiers.  The national team, based on excellent cooperation, has achieved many results in the recent period organized by ECN.  The national team usually takes part in T10 (60 ball) and T20 (120 ball) matches at tournaments and qualifiers organized by the European Cricket Association.  The next important tournament will be the 2026 WC qualifier at 2024 June in Rome. Kangaroos players in the National team: Török Gábor, Matty Ainsworth, Gall Ádám,  Mark des Fontaine. Picture made 

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Hungary's only cricket ground was opened in 2011 by Mike Glover and Mark Bownas in Sződliget. Since then, the cricket park bears the initials of the two English gentlemen, GB Oval. Before, there were two neglected football pitches next to each other in its place, and after the renovation of the area, they started to use the place for playing cricket. Continuous play began in 2011, and from 2016 all cricket matches in the Hungarian championships are held here. Before that, cricket matches were organized on football fields in the league (Gödöllő, Dunabogdány, XVI, XIX distrcits). In June 2013, the entire cricket ground and infrastructure buildings were flooded. They were under the Danube flood for eleven days, where the flood size was 3.5 meters. At that time, 80% of the grass was lost. Matches continued on the damaged but playable surface from July 12, 2013. Reseeding began at the end of October and was completed in March/April 2014. In 2023 the first international 
T20 (120ball) tournament against Croatia was held at GB Oval.

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